Last night I started off making a giant cheese pizza with refrigerated pizza dough for the entire family for dinner. But I had a dough malfunction as I tried to open the second can of dough I I improvised and came up with a fab version of something I would normally never eat.

The calorie and fat count in a real BBQ Chicken Pizza just isn’t worth it to me. But this one is so low carb/low cal and completely balanced that I might be eating it every day for lunch until I just can’t look at BBQ sauce anymore. There is nothing better than eating something that tastes GOOD and knowing it’s good for you too!

I imagine that’s how the food will be in heaven.

You need:

1 large size La Tortilla low carb tortilla

1 tbsp BBQ sauce

4 oz canned chicken

1-2 cups chopped or torn fresh spinach

1/4 cup low fat shredded mozzerella

1/4 cup low fat cheddar

I’ve made pizza on a tortilla before..but this time I “toasted” the tortilla on both sides in the oven before I loaded on the toppings and that gave me a yummy, thin crispy crust.

Spread the chopped spinach on the toasted tortilla, top with mozzarella cheese

Mix the chicken with the BBQ Sauce and spread on the cheese

Top with cheddar

Bake at 425 degrees for about then minutes

For a little over 300 calories you get to eat the ENTIRE PIZZA!!! When was the last time you got to eat an entire pizza??? Well…and not feel guilty for two days about it after????

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You can find the tortillas at Kroger and Publix. Tell me how he likes it.


Grandpa is counting carbs, I will have to make him one of these.


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